Sunday, November 9, 2008

Thesis 82: Creationist Anarcho-Socialism and Darwinian Archo-Socialism

Voluntary communism (“anarcho-socialism” “personalist communitarianism”) is an appropriate Kingdom life style for the Church.[1]
State-socialism is not condoned by the example of the Apostolic Church.[2]

1. Acts 5:4; Luke 22:24-30
2. Acts 4:32-38


Private property still existed in the "voluntary communism" seen in Acts.
One can create "voluntary communism" only by giving, not by taking.
Taking = socialism = theft.
All attempts to create a social system by imposed giving fail.


What's Wrong with "Distributism" - Thomas E. Woods, Jr. - Mises Institute

A Guildsman’s Interpretation of History, by Arthur J. Penty - Book review by Patrick Odou

State socialism is condemned by Theses #80 and #81

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From the "Austro-Athenian Empire" » Pootmop! vs. worker-owned co-ops.