Sunday, November 9, 2008

Thesis 49: The State As Sanctified “Servant”/ “Deacon”/”Minister”

The lawless raiders of the State, be they agents of War or agents of Revenue, are so firmly in the hand of the LORD[1] and so completely dedicated (useful) to His purposes that they may be said to be His “sanctified ones.”[2] They so serve His purposes of anger,[3] indignation,[4] wrath,[5] and vengeance,[6] that they may be called His “ministers” (from deaconeo, “to serve”), and a pagan king can even be called His “christ”[7] although he does not know the Lord or honor Jesus as the Christ of christs and King of kings.[8]

1. Proverbs 21:1
2. Isaiah 13:3
3. Isaiah 13:3
4. Isaiah 10:5
5. Isaiah 10:6
6. Romans 13:4
7. Isaiah 45:1 -- “anointed king”
8. Isaiah 45:5

God Sends EVIL !
Notice that the concepts in notes 3-6 are highlighted in red in the above essay.
Evil empires accomplish the task for which God sends them.
God's sending is effectual. They always serve Him.
It is not the case that the State should serve Him (be His "minister") but doesn't always.
It is not the case that we need not submit to those empires that are not effectively being His servants/deacons/ministers in self-conscious obedience.
They always serve His purposes, and we are never to rise up against them in violent revolution.

The prophets, such as Isaiah, form the backdrop for Paul's teaching on the State in Romans 13.

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