Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Importance of Luther's 95 Theses

Actually this post should be entitled, "The Importance of the Protestant Reformation," for this post and this blog go well beyond Luther's Theses on Justification.

I refer the reader to John W. Robbins essay, "Civilization And The Protestant Reformation." The Protestant Reformation led to important advances in law, government, economics, as well as religion.

The best thing that could be said about the Protestant Reformation is that it was a great leap forward in the progress that had been made ever since the coming of Christ. And by "progress" I don't mean strictly theological progress, but also "secular" progress, in the areas mentioned above (law, government, economics, etc.). Another good essay for an overview of this progress is Christ and Civilization, again by John W. Robbins. (It's not that I'm a Robbins groupie, but these are good introductions. I doubt that Robbins would think I'm even a Christian.)

Sure, I vainly imagine that these new 95 Theses could prompt some big reformation and great progress in civilization. But that will probably come at the hands of some monk or university scholar (like Luther was), not an outsider like me.

What is needed is another "paradigm shift," which is what I'm trying to create through these Theses. More on that idea here.

Welcome to "The 95 Days of Christmas"

This is going to be the most extraordinary Christmas season you've ever experienced.

Even if it's the middle of summer.

During the next 95 (or so) days, you're going to read three things:

First, Martin Luther's 95 Theses, which ignited the Protestant Reformation.

Second, you'll be reading a new set of 95 Theses. This is not an updated version of Luther's Theses, which were primarily about the doctrine of "Justification by Faith"; it's a completely new set of Theses.

These New 95 Theses are motivated by the fact that in the 20th century, organized "governments" have deliberately murdered nearly half a billion human beings. Even the governments of historically "Protestant nations." "Governments" have destroyed trillions of dollars of private property. "Governments" have enslaved billions of people, depriving them of their liberty. Elite government leaders are saying they need to kill even more people, confiscate more private property, and impose more comprehensive restrictions on personal liberty in the 21st century.

The New 95 Theses are a journey through the Bible in chronological order, looking at passages that can answer the question, Does the human race really need "governments?" Our answer is: NO.

I greatly appreciate intelligent comments, questions, complaints, or denunciations. After all, the purpose of a public posting of Theses is to inaugurate debate. An older version of these Theses is here. But if you're a part of any "wager" or "coaching program" advertised on other websites, you don't need to read that older version. We recommend against that. Just read one of these theses at a time, following the email you should be receiving. Be sure to leave a comment every day.

Oh yes, the third thing you'll be reading about is "The Christmas Conspiracy." We believe "the reason for the season" (or at least one of the reasons) is the abolition of priests and princes. Christmas is the birth of Jesus the Christ. "Christ" means "anointed king." Jesus was also a priest. He was the last king, and the last priest. He is the only legitimate King, the only legitimate Priest.

In other words, the meaning of Christmas is the abolition of "church" and "state." We are engaged in an open conspiracy to abolish both institutions. The purpose of this blog is to persuade you to join this "Christmas Conspiracy."

Just to sync the "days" and the Theses, you may wish to view these introductory posts:

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Here is the actual first Thesis:

95 Days of Christmas: Thesis 1: Christ the Word

So, Welcome! Open up your Bible and put on your thinking cap!