Sunday, November 9, 2008


If God never commanded men to form a State, why do such empires exist?

The answer is “Providence.”

Romans 13 says God “ordained” the State.
This does not mean the State has God’s ethical commendation or "seal of approval."

Romans 13 says the State is the “minister” or “deacon” of God.
But Isaiah 13 says the bloodthirsty nation which destroyed Babylon “served” God’s purposes. God calls these murderous rapists “My sanctified ones.”

“Providence” is another word for “Predestination.”

Murder is evil.
God sometimes sends murderers in divine judgment against sin.

God has predestined the State.
The State is evil.
God has predestined evil.

The conclusion is difficult to accept, but the premises are Scripturally true and the logic is inescapable.

In this next group of Theses we will examine God's Providence and His sovereignty over empires which have no right to exist.

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