Sunday, November 9, 2008

Thesis 48: The State Serves God by Sinning

By His decree, God can be said to “command” nations to do His bidding, carrying out His judgments against covenant-breakers.[1] The acts of rape, murder, theft, and violence committed by the “State” are nevertheless contrary to God’s written (revealed) commands, and these political machines will be judged for their lawless “obedience” to God’s “command.”[2]

1. Isaiah 10:6
2. Isaiah 10:12

God Sends EVIL !
This link is primarily a collection of verses.
Read each one and ask, who suffered at the hands of the "evil" described?
Did the "evil"doer have the moral right or moral approval of God to do the evil described?
Make the verses personal, that is, imagine the effects on real people.
Imagine real people -- your neighbors, your son -- committing these "patriotic" acts. Are they justified? Do their actions please God?

In the Isaiah passages above, some have said Assyria did the right thing but with the wrong reasons in their hearts. If Assyria were China and committed these acts against America, would China/Assyria be justified? Exonerated under "International Law?" Exonerated under God's Law?

We can easily imagine God sending the Chinese/Assyrians against America -- as one wit has put it, if God doesn't judge America, He owes Sodom and Gomorrah an apology -- but it's difficult to see how China will be applauded rather than condemned by God for their actions.

Therefore the State "serves" God's purposes by sinning.

We will return to these verses when we examine the "minister" (servant) of God in Romans 13.

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