Sunday, November 9, 2008

Thesis 43: The Prohibition of Monarchism

The movement toward centralization of power under political mediators is a rejection of God.[1] Decentralization is less archist, and more salvational [re: health, wealth, welfare, victory, etc., cf. #41].

1. Judges 8:23; 1 Samuel 8:7; Judges 9

1 Samuel 8: The State as Rejection of God
Rushdoony on The Implications of 1 Samuel 8
Thomas Paine on 1 Samuel 8
Common Sense by Thomas Paine
I SAMUEL 8 - David Boaz

The argument here is not just against monarchism (one archist), but against all archism, such as oligarchy (small group of archists). Archists are gods, attempting to bring salvation. See also, James B. Jordan, "Appendix E: Salvation and Statism," in Law of the Covenant: An Exposition of Exodus 21-23 pp. 240-242.

A Political View of Life

The goal is to move away from earthly archists.

What is an "Archist"

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