Sunday, November 9, 2008

Thesis 32: Patriarchy and “Sacraments”: Passover

The “sacrament” of Passover was administered by heads of Families.[1]

1. Exodus 12:3-4

Gary North denies this Thesis in his book Baptized Patriarchalism, pp. 45ff., where he points out that Jesus did not celebrate Passover with families, but only with Apostles. This puts North on a trajectory that says only ordained clergy can observe the Lord's Table.

The fundamental assumption going through North's book from cover to cover is the assumption that "the State" and the institutional church are instituted and approved by God: "three covenantal institutions" (family, state, church). These Theses are designed to show that the institution of "the State" was an act of rebellion. It was predestined by God, but does not carry God's ethical approval, and in fact is contrary to God's commandments. Secondarily, these Theses attempt to prove that the Old Testament priesthood was remedial and temporary. This priesthood is the basis for the contemporary "institutional church." That leaves the Family, or "patriarchy."

Readers are wholeheartedly invited to post references to North's commentaries as well as the works of James Jordan regarding the family and Passover. We will interact with them in more detail. "Clarification of thought" is the goal.

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